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Fresh Aloe Hair Care



Key Features of ALOFAB


Contain fresh Aloe Vera juice as the primary ingredient
No water or aloe powder concentrates
12 hours from fresh aloe leaves to finished products
Enriched with amino acids for gentle cleansing


Brand Philosophy:For a Better Life

The ALOFAB brand was developed through intensive botanical formulation research with the goal of capturing and delivering the natural health and beauty benefits to its consumers through active nutrients unique to fresh organic Aloe Vera.

Using fresh Aloe Vera juice as the primary ingredient in all its products, ALOFAB effectively maintains bioactive water, polysaccharides, amino acids, and polypeptides only found in organic Aloe Vera.


Based on the study of dermatology, ALOFAB combines botanical components with amino acids that provides gentle cleansing. Through the four key functions of Purifying, Revitalizing, Nourishing and Protecting, ALOFAB leaves your scalp and hair naturally healthy and beautiful.


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