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Advantage: US Wholly Owned Enterprise

ALOFAB from the USA


ALOFAB is a hair care brand created by American Global Health Group, LLC (AGHG).


The ALOFAB brand was developed through extensive botanical hair care formulation research with the specific goal of using fresh organic Aloe Vera juice as the primary ingredient in all its products. Aloe Vera’s abundance of nutrients allow it to restore and revitalize your hair and scalp naturally.


American Global Health Group, LLC, (AGHG), was established in 1999 in Seattle, Washington, USA by Douglas Jewett with the goal of capturing and delivering the natural benefits found in Aloe Vera to its customers through organic health and beauty products. Since its humble inception, AGHG has developed into one of the world’s largest vertically integrated networks of organically certified Aloe Vera. By owning and controlling the entire process from how the Aloe Vera is farmed, to how it is processed and delivered to consumers, AGHG can always guarantee our customers receive the highest quality products. AGHG produces products under several different brands: ALODERMA Fresh Aloe Skin Care, ALOFAB Hair & Body Care, Aloecure, Veraflex, and Aloevita.  



Advantage: Aloe Plantations

Quality Rooted in the Aloe Fields:AGHG Aloe Plantation & Village


ALOFAB’s primary raw material is sourced directly from AGHG’s organic Aloe Vera plantations which are in Taishan, Guangdong Province and Hainan Province with an area of up to 750 acres. All of AGHG’s aloe plants are Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, the most beneficial of the Aloe Vera species, and were originally imported directly from Texas in the United States. 

AGHG currently has over 10 million mature aloe plants with an annual yield of fresh aloe leaves in excess of 30,000 tons. AGHG Aloe plantations strictly follow standards for sustainable and organic agriculture and are organically certified.


AGHG’s organic Aloe plantations are an oasis located in the subtropical region of China. Flowers and trees grow year around in the warm and moist climate. AGHG attaches great importance to maintaining harmony and an ecological balance with nature. Growing plants organically and in a sustainable way isn’t always easy, however AGHG believes it is the only way to produce products containing the freshest and most biologically active Aloe Vera that carry the AGHG label.




Open field organic Aloe Vera Plantations

Ideal latitude for growing Aloe Vera (112.48°E, 22.1°N)
Suitable climate for open field plantation (no greenhouses)



Three Organic Certifications 

The Aloe Vera plants are grown in strict accordance with the organic certification standards of the American National Organic Program (NOP), the European Union(EU), and of China.


5 Times More Effective Ingredients in Organic Aloe Vera

Only Aloe Vera plants that are at least 3 years old can be harvested. These plants can have up to 5 times more effective ingredients than their non-organic counterparts.


The level of aloe polysaccharides in Aloe Vera leaves reaches 800 PPM. ( International Standard: 500PPM; Chinese Standard: 400 PPM)





Advantage: R&D Team


A R&D Team that combines talents from China and USA

12 Hours from Fresh Aloe Leaves to Finished Products


AGHG has a leading R&D team that combines talents from China and the United States and set up the Aloe Products Engineering and Technology Research Center, with hundreds of patented technologies.


AGHG’s proprietary SATT Aloe Vera processing technology has been perfected as the most natural way to maintain and preserve the active ingredients found in Aloe Vera and produces the highest quality aloe products. 


The patent number for SATT technology is ZL 2009 1 0041944.2.



Advantage: Certifications

Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practice (US FDA)
Good Manufacturing Practices of Cosmetics Products (EU- GMPC)
Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices (ISO22716:2007)
National High Tech Enterprise
Guangdong Aloe Products Engineering Technology Research Center
National High Tech Products



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