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ALOFAB--the New Favourite of 24th China Beauty Expo in Shanghai


From May 20 to 22, 2019, the 24th China Beauty Expo (Shanghai CBE) was held in Shanghai International Expo Center. More than 3500 domestic and foreign cosmetics enterprises with over 10,000 brands from 40 countries and regions participated in the grand international cosmetics industry event.





 High-end hair and body care brand "ALOFAB" and its sister brand "ALODERMA" joined in this grand international event and attracted the attention of many distributors, becoming a highlight in Shanghai CBE.




ALOFAB, a brand of American Global Health Group, LLC (AGHG), specializes in aloe botanical hair and body care. Its simple and generous design with its brand tone-- fresh and eye-catching "green" is very distinctive in a number of wash and care products . What is more important is the high quality of ALOFAB’ s products.


It is undeniable that people pay much more attention to facial skin care than to the scalp and hair care. As for the latter, people often just do basic cleansing while ignoring the nutrients for scalp and hair, which is noticed by ALOFAB. ALOFAB realized that healthy hair needs nourishment. Thus, it specializes in botanical formula of aloe: the main ingredient of ALOFAB products is Aloe Vera juice and no water is added; ALOFAB hair care products combine with amino acids to gently cleanse scalp and hair while infusing them with rich fresh aloe nutrients and energy so as to realize the hair care philosophy of nourishing scalp and hair without hurting them.


In China, ALOFAB is the first hair and body care brand whose products are formulated without water. At present, ALOFAB has developed 9 items of hair and body care products.

It is reported that AGHG Group, which ALOFAB belongs to, owns 750 acres of organic Aloe Vera plantation, where all raw materials of Aloe Vera for ALOFAB products come from.



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